19 June 2012

Letters in a Biscut Box

This vintage tin (Huntley & Palmer's Assorted Biscuits) was in a bag of "curb-side" finds from a house being cleaned out.  It was in with piles and piles of Irish lace and linens - all carefully saved for decades then tossed by the relations cleaning the house for sale.  Of course I asked if it was OK to pick them - and once I got the, "Sure, help yourself", in the truck went the bags!

Once I had sorted through all the bags (wonderful stuff!) I went back to the tin, which I had set aside, to read through the letters - and read I did!  Seems I had a bit more than just your average old letters and telegrams from the early 1900's. 

My biscuit tin contained an love affair!  A pretty torrid affair by early 19oo's standards I imagine - he was single and from a well known family in the city, she was married and it seems of very questionable character and then.......well I won't give it all away now, you'll just have to check back!

When I originally read them, pre-blogs and the like, I saved them not knowing exactly how I could share this story, until now.  I am finally undertaking the tedious process of  transcribing the letters and putting them in chronological order and will be posting the story here as I go along.  



  1. How amazing! I love finding things like this. Goes to show you, people haven't really changed all that much. But it's much juicier when it happened so long ago - before women were liberated and when things like an affair were really & truly covert.
    Leisa - nowandthenstyle

  2. How exciting!! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to hear more.

  3. When do we get the next installment???