27 June 2012

Pansy wrote back and Alice was thrilled!!

I truly wanted to find a picture of the house where Alice lived for some of these first letters. With some help from a friend with access to Ancestry.com (thanks Diana!) I got the address and unfortunately  found it is now an overpass of the San Diego Freeway -very unromantic, I know. It was a lovely neighborhood with houses similar to the one in the picture below.

I also found out that our Alice was no stranger to scandal – but that’s an epilogue to our saga and a ways off yet. 

Here is the 2nd letter in the tin ~ Enjoy!!

From Chula Vista, Cal
October 19, 1908

My dearest Friend:

Honey boy! Don’t think for a moment I have forgotten you because I didn’t answer directly; But I was so terribly busy; I didn’t find time to write in answer to any of my letters need. So tonight I simply told my self that I am treating my dearest real cruel, by neglecting to answer his letter. So I am down to it, and by and try and make it interesting and as long as I can, to make up for all my “mean-ness”. Perhaps I’ll surprise you when you hear that I am very busy at short-hand and type writing. I have been studying some time at this course, and find it very interesting. Now didn’t I surprise you some?

Dear, I decided that on writing on such a large sheet of paper, I’d better write on both sides as it is so big. I’ll have a hard time finding an envelope to enclose it.

You disappointed me quite a bit when you wrote of your delay in coming West-but I was quite encouraged after reading further. That you’re coming will be no great length of time to wait. For, honey, I can’t wait.  I am awfully blue tonight, and just feel like crying when I think of the awful distance. (??) no. Tell me you are coming soon. Let me say that California, especially San Francisco is a fine place for the drug business, in fact anything connected with that is live –Doctors, or druggists in general. So love, you come to me soon, and then I shall decide whether we shall go (?) or not directly – Ha! Ha!

Do you believe in Fortune Tellers or rather what they tell?

Say, I have oh! So much to tell you – that I can’t begin to note it. And things I wish to give you that would be impossible to write –Ha! Ha!

Dear, I want to make you happy and you know I can do it. To make you who are alone in this world from relatives. – Happy! –

Say you are coming! Every thing will prove most successful here for you I know. This is a country where hopes are made brighter and prospects good. Rely on what I say dear, for I know. For a fact that what I say concerning business and prospects –in general are good.

A house from the area in San Diego where Alice lived
First of all you of course are coming to my house. We have a beautiful home, big garden, and plenty of extra room. Your coming would over joy me.

Dear, what’s keeping you back? Tell me, why you delay so long? But again I may prone a little bit too curious. Am I? “Love is always curious” Haven’t you heard the expression?

Dear, I must close –am getting terribly sleepy now. My sister is making a great noise in the parlor with her “best” who has been with us a week. Coming 7 & 13 miles to see “her” or the “country” I believe. He is from San Francisco, an English man recently from London. So we have to (?) a good time while it lasts.

With loads of love from your (own little girl),

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  1. I'm reading these out of order, but I think I'm in love with Alice...already...come on honey boy, stop dragging your fit and go out west to sell some drugs! gosh.