05 July 2012

Alice gets impatient

Alice – “don’t chase the bus”!   I picked up that expression from Mary Delux  and her very funny and true Secrets of a Bus Stop Goddess. It has served me well and I  truly think Alice would have benefited at this point from reading Mary’s blog. 'Course if she did - my tin of letters may not exist!

We have two letters this week as they were short (and whiny, I think).
Xoxo ~Girlie

From Chula Vista, Cal

October 30, 1908

My dear Mr. McDonough,

It wasn’t a great while ago, since I wrote to you, but after I re-read your last very nice letter I concluded to get a snap shot of my self, and give you on; only I prefer to give you a lovely big finished picture. Anyway I will later on. Dear, did you get my letter? Why don’t you answer – or perhaps I haven’t given you time to answer yet. Only don’t delay to come. –you will wont you honey?

Write soon, and please pardon the awful pencil writing and also paper.

A.B. Wood

From Chula Vista, Cal
December 2, 1908

My dearest Friend;

I cannot see why you do not write to me. What is the matter, dear? Are you ill, dead, or what.

Perhaps you did not get my letter and a small snap-shot of myself  I sent you quite a few weeks ago. You’re not angry at me are you dear? If you are, I am lost to what caused it. But you’re not of course. Only why don’t you write and come West, as you said you would as soon as possible.

Possibly lay about the latter part of October or the first of November. Now, dear it is the last day of November and no word, regarding your coming has reached me yet.

Really I am very much disappointed about it, and could cry; But I dont dare, for fear you excuse will prove to be something serious, and I might keep my fears for something worth while. Ha! Ha!

Mr. MacDonald has never written me a word. I thought kind enough to drop me a postal. Honey, do drop me a few cards for a change. And tell me when you are coming West and all about everything. Boy you know, I love you, and I will always be such a friend to you. And dear you mustn’t forget my birthday present which you promised, as I am so anxious to see you.

Write soon, honey, and receive love from your little girl,

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  1. I love the bit about the birthday :-) How precious. What a great post!