13 July 2012

Alice Enters 1909 With a LONG Letter...

Oh boy –I think she upset poor Pansy the last time! To have been able to read his letters to her! A quick apology for that and right into the “what kind of marriage material” are you questions she goes.  I am thinking Alice would have been fun, but a drama queen to know.

From Chula Vista, Cal
January 15, 1909
My dearest boy:
Your dear letter reached me tonight, and after reading it (perhaps you will consider me a baby) but I simply cried.

I must have been some what harsh, dear, to you in the letter which made you sorry and feel blue. I answered the letter you wrote, me first and hope to make things plainer in this one since I had your second letter. Oh! How I love it: because it is so very long; then again how I hate it, because you were feeling do down hearted.

Dear do cheer up, for I love you and you only. I know you can’t love me more than I do you. Yet you may think so.

Perhaps it is (?) for me to ask you to come so far to see me but I am so crazy to see you I cannot consider any thing. Your letter I considered very sensible and wise.

Now dear, once you asked me to be very frank in my expressions: I wish to ask you much, since I was always afraid to in the previous letters. Once fear and my only fear is this: Please under no circumstances show or repeat the contents of this letter or other letters to any one. And if on any certain occasion kindly ask my permission. Won’t you dear?

I have much to guard against, and many to fear; even my people back east. Of whom I am referring – concerning there letters. “Mums” the word. Not that I think you do, but just to remind you, dear.

Our Pansy worked in the building to the far left on Main St., Woburn
You want me, dear, to be your wife, and I love you enough to feel as though you are to be “him”. You are a good Catholic man, and of course you must realize I am a good Catholic girl – I cannot think for a moment, dear, that you ever or would do a wrong to any body. No one could tell me differently.

Dear, I consider how wise you were after all; to stay with the firm you are working for perhaps if you care. I would not be prepared to be “yours” etc – I realize, Dear, that you are not rich and the expense of travel is great across the continent.

Now what I wish to ask, dear, if you will not consider it rude or curious etc. – but since we have gone so far as promising each other many other simple things. I would like just how much you are making each month, and the amount you have already saved. So I can get a good idea how you are standing. Do you remember, dear, the last time I saw you-the “good-by” question? Ha! Ha! – I know you love me dearest, and will always as I will be true to you, no matter where I am.

Don’t be down hearted, sweet heart, for it will make me very sad. You must cheer up, and forget the past. (if it has been cruel to you). Think that some day I will be with you and console in all you troubles.

Your little gifts were so very thoughtful. I appreciated the flowers at school, etc. Dear, I want you to send me a large photo of yourself, and I am going to have my picture taken in a few months and will send you one. I am going to Los Angeles and have some “sepia” finished ones. I always considered it artistic.

Darling, you mustn’t say that you are thinking you will loose me in the long run. For you won’t.

Dear, please tell me some of your back life and of your people. Yet don’t do this if you think I shouldn’t know. But someday you are going to, anyway. You can always write me and I will remember you always.

Won’t you please write me your full name. Honey, I only know just Mr. McDonough.

I think, I will go abroad, so if my plans are wiser, I will tell you to come. First I must understand your situation in life, your position, etc.

Cheer up! Now and be happy for I want you to be.
Do you ever see my cousins at Woburn etc?
It is raining tonight and I feel just in the mood of writing letters.
Must close now.
-with all my love to the dearest boy.


P.S. Kindly give my regards to Mr. MacDonald


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  1. oh my lordy mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had to stop several times because I was like, omg. no way. no way. haha! This was so worth the wait :-)

    now I can't wait for the next installment!