01 August 2012

Put A Ring On It - 100 years before Beyonce...

NOTE: When I found this tin of letters I ordered the letters by the postmark (Alice did not date her letters) – which is not always legible and it seems the ‘15’ was a ‘12’ and this letter came before the last. Clear as mud? – seems Alice had made some demands that started the drama of the last letter….

From Chula Vista, Cal

January 12, 1909

My dear friend:
Revere Beach 1909
Your very welcome letter reached me this morning, and seeing how anxious you are to hear from me I thought to write you immediately.

I am sorry, dear that I made you feel so blue and down hearted with the remarks made in the letter previous to this.  But I was quite confused just at what to say, and there fore reached you at the wrong time. Yet I ought to consider, and never be put-out or disappointed regarding your letters, as I know you are always very busy and don’t just understand what kind of letters I am wishing. You must cheer-up, sweetheart and I will explain, just what I meant by Saying if you do not see me now, you may never.  It is just like this dear; Previous to this letter you wrote, before this last one, I received a letter from my chum and she writes to ask if I would go abroad with her and go to a Paris boarding school for a year.  As I know her people well, and being such a good friend, her folks do not wish to send her alone.  And on the account of business, it is impossible for them to go.  So they wrote and asked me.  I haven’t answered yet, but, should, as they are anxious to know.  We do not sail until the third of June.  But, before that time, I should be in San Francisco, preparing for my trip.

I know I will return dear but it may not be for years to come yet. I will try and see you before I leave the Atlantic coast. I know dear, I shall enjoy the trip and school abroad, But I do want to see you so badly before I go.

Perhaps I shall not go – I haven’t told her yet. But I want you to come. –If you do, I suppose all my plans and arrangements must be broken. Why don’t you send me that birthday present dear? Don’t be afraid to risk it. By risking it – perhaps you will save some Unnecessary thinking. So I will be expecting it any day. I will be true to you dear as long as you are to me, and in one way I wish to see you personally, instead of writing it out on paper……

Revere Beach, MA 1909
 Would you kindly give Mr. MacDonald my regards, and thank him for the postal’s he sent me of “Revere Beach”. Tell him he didn’t keep me guessing very long as I recognized his writing immediately.

I love you dear and want you to write more affectionately.

Perhaps I am a bit quiet, but I am very funny as all say –and I expect more for our (??) than I would give myself.
Send me it, dear, that is the ring. I know what you meant when you first told me. Then I know you are coming.

Don’t be measy, dearie for I will be willing to wait until February. Before that (??) I will not write you much about myself and yourself etc.

Hoping to hear from you directly.

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  1. Oh, Alice. Poor Pansy. I feel sorry for him.

    And I love that postcard - Alice in Wonderland! Very clever.