08 August 2012

Forget the ring - Send cash...

This envelope had two letters, one short one 'joking' about that pesky ring this time (or the order is off-its just hard to know at times), with an interesting P.S. written on the back.
The second letter –well, I believe it, but I don’t believe she did that! Alice –really?! ~the details are below (I’m not a total spoiler). Of course only she and Pansy know if the were sent together or just saved together for what ever reason, but here they are for you to read together…..


From Chula Vista, Cal

January 18, 1909

Your nice letter reached me – a few days ago, and of course, you know how very happy I am to hear from you- as to your business I am very glad, and hope you great success, and good luck.

Dear heart, I do want to see you so badly, and yet perhaps it means an awful long time. It grieves me to think of the many thousands of miles we are separated. Doesn’t seem exactly fair? Does it dear? Yet the time will come, when we will be so happy –wouldn’t we dear?

Honey you never sent me what you promised-don’t you remember? The ring – I want a nice big diamond right away. Ha! Ha! Yes! Dear, how I would love one and from you – Nothing could please me more. I’d love you oh! So much more – Yet! Could I? –No! I don’t think I could love you more than I do now – By! By dear heart, I am in a hurry and will write soon again.

With a nice big kiss-

..p.s. Will you tell me your first name, dear? Perhaps you think it funny-but I never did know it.
Ha! Ha!
                                                          Your sweetheart ~ Alice


My Dearest Boy:~
Although it has only been a few days ago since I wrote to you: giving you all my plans, and expectations.- But after all dear, I concluded not to go. (Abroad) or away from you. Honey I am so dreadfully lonesome for you I can hardly wait and feel I cannot.
Of course you must realize how hard it is: just to know of each other through letters, so I want to make this proposition with you.
If  you send me my fare, I will come to Woburn directly – I will see that you will get it back again. –As it stands I haven’t it; for my folks attend to the money matters.
They want me to discard you as I have learned lately, and this I can never do. So, dear, if you will send me the money to come to you I will make arrangements to stop at some of my friends in Boston or close by –as I am always welcome to come at anytime, and know for sure that part of it is o.k.  –So as to give, my dear
a (??) have to arrange things for the future, and it will not interfere with your work at all.  So dear, I will expect to get a money order by return mail,registered!!)
 You understand dear: from the way I write that I can not go away with out seeing you. Then I do not want to leave you.  My chum wrote me last night and told me to prepare for the journey = But the thought even scares me. I feel that I shall never see any on of my folds of friends again, when I am to stay a year at boarding school in Paris away from all my people and friends. I cannot do it; and know (??) will please you, won’t it dearie?
I shall not answers my chums letter, but will expect to receive the fare from you so I can come to you & I will give you your fair chance dear, to prepare for the future as I will stay at my friends homes. They write me to come, come, come!
But if I come, which I know I can now, as my folks, wish to blind me from you in all respects –even to hear from you – S0 I would advise you, dear to register all the important mail.
If they do not pay you back, I will when I get there for I will be (???) able to them. 
Loads of love, dearest-but don’t keep me waiting as I want to see you so badly. For I love you so much and know you love me.
                          ---keep this letter quiet to all, please--

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